3 thoughts on “In Memory of Gary Tedeschi

  1. I didn’t know you Gary, but I’m proud to be your Brother, and we’ll meet soon at the Big R&R in the Sky. Save one for me. R.I.P. Luv ya Bro, Gary Gilligan, US Army Signal Corps 1965-’68


  2. Many thanks to the members of Co. C 1/22 for being part of the Memorial Ceremony in honor of
    Gary Tedeschi.It is comforting to know that ones military sacrifice will be remembered and appreciated by those they served with. Many thanks to Fred for sharing this with those that attend this site! cs


  3. I just learned of his passing today and it’s tearing me up inside. I was one of his many students at Myra Linn he was a mentor to me and I looked up up to him even after so many years. He was a great man, I am honored to have known him and wish that I could have been there. He was my inspiration to fulfill my military duty in the infantry and to serve our great country. I will greatly miss him.


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