Reunion 2012 – San Antonio, TX

Seated L-R:  Robert Roark, David Ratcliff, Elmer Hale, June (Jim) Murray, Fred Childs, George Humphrey, Bud Roach, Claudia (Bill) Zimmerman, Tom Barron, Bill French, Howard Schiele

1st row standing L-R: Dennis Jones, John Brock, Mike Stokes, Ron Draper, Jim Rapier, Mike MacCallum, Charlie Shyab, Don Couvillion, Dale Bishop, Roberto Ortiz

2nd row standing L-R: Gary Tedeschi, Dick Snow, Ron Mays, Terry Sorvik, Ray Warner, Gary Richardson, Tim Dieffenbacher, Curt Fletcher, Andrei Pashin

Top row L-R: Chuck Zimmerman, Jack Chavez, Ron Brunty


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