Combat Assault Part 1

What is a Combat Assault?

A Combat Assault is generally defined as a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces.  A combat assault is also a concerted effort to reach a goal or defeat an adversary.  Combat assaults during Vietnam were generally made by helicopter since it was the most expedient way of moving troops from one location to another.

I do not recall how many Combat Assaults we had – – probabaly more than 25-50.  It was sometimes exciting but always made us very nervous since we never knew if it would be a ‘hot’ landing zone (LZ).  A hot LZ was one where we landed under fire.

Here is a group waiting for the Chopper to arrive. The handsome guy in the rear center is Senior Medic Bud Roach.

To me, the real heroes were the Medics. As an infantry soldier when you come under fire you drop, find cover, locate the enemy and return fire.

The medic treats the wounded and often in the clear exposing his self to direct fire.

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