Hill 875

Vietnam War – Nov. 1967. The fight for an 875 meter high hill becomes a fight for survival and only proves how costly a war of attrition can be. This is when the American public questioned whether the sacrifice was worth the effort or whether the goal of keeping South Vietnam free from communism was worth all that blood and treasure.

 C Company, 1st /22nd, 4th Infantry Division, Vietnam, June – Nov, 1967

This video was filmed by our own Craig Nelson with an 8mm home movie camera in the Central Highlands Vietnam. The exact dates and places unknown, film clips are in chronological order between approx Sept thru first of November 1967. For anyone in Charlie Company who was there I’m sure it will bring back memories. For anyone who has an interest, this is a first hand view of some of the stuff we did.

Craig was a RTO (battalion freq) in Hd Qtrs Platoon.