River Patrol (Restored Color) US Navy Mekong Delta Operations 1967

The labyrinthine Delta was a hot zone in the war against well organized Viet Cong insurgents, immortalized by the film “Apocalypse Now.” This beautifully photographed film is the real thing — a “slice of life” documentary showing daily operations aboard the Harnett County and on river patrols by air & water. The USS Harnett County (LST-821) served as a floating base in the China Sea for PBR and helicopter patrol operations in the Mekong Delta during the Vietnam War. Highly recommended!
Get this video and much more on our new “The US Navy in Vietnam” DVD http://bit.ly/1hxISGY I spent quite a bit of time restoring the color in this US Navy film and am very pleased with the result.


Action In Vietnam

Made by The Commonwealth Film Unit 1966. Directed by John Abbott. In making this film about the Vietnam War, the Australian Commonwealth Film Unit did not look for battles and heroes. This was to be the story of the young Australians who were carrying on the standards of service begun by their grandfathers during the First World War. The emphasis was on people, both Australian and Vietnamese. The intention was to show what war really feels like.