For Our Visitors

You might be visiting this site for any number of reasons. Perhaps you are a Vietnam War veteran who is looking to re-visit your past. Maybe you are a student doing a class assignment on the history of the Vietnam War or any of the other historical military events that have shaped our society.  Whatever the reason that has brought you to this site, it is our hope that the images and stories will give you a unique insight into the experiences and lives of those individuals whose existence has been forever impacted by the Vietnam War.

War is a destructive and complex human activity.  Regardless of your personal opinion of War, it must always be remembered that once the path of war has been embarked upon, it is the men and women on the ground that must maneuver their lives through extremely challenging and extraordinary circumstances.  The vast majority of us will never be faced with the realities of human conflict at this level and simply cannot comprehend the life changing influences faced by a war’s participants.  It is for this reason that every honorable veteran of any war deserves our utmost respect and remembrance for the valiant duties they have performed.

One thought on “For Our Visitors

  1. Hi… my name is Dave Dikeman I was in the 1st battalion 14th infantry 3rd brigade of the 4thinfantry division from Nov. 67 to Nov 68. I was surfing the net one day when I came across your website,i found it to be a great refresher course about Nam. A lot of memories came rushing back both good and bad……the articles the pictures the art work all touched a nerve. I will definitely return to this site. Keep up the good work….

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