Ann Konermann

Ann Konermann was the wife of Captain Larry Konermann our Company Commander during late 1967-Mid 1968.  Ann Served with the Red Cross in Vietnam.

One thought on “Ann Konermann

  1. Larry, You probably don’t remember me. I was a friend of yours and Ann’s at Iowa State. I took comparative anatomy with Ann and would go over to your house to study. I also took your military course. I had been in Vietnam in 69 and 70. Anyway for some reason your names popped in my mind this morning and I decided to google them to see what had happened to you. I was sorry to see that Ann had passed away and you have my sympathy. I enjoyed the great tribute to Ann. I still remember her friendliness. I still live in Denison, Iowa and retired in March of this year as Crawford County Conservation Director after 35 years. Married a girl I met at ISU 41 years ago, still married and have 3 kids and 6 grand children. Where does the time go?


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