Many of us have stories of our experiences in Vietnam.

Every soldier that was in Vietnam has a different view of that part of their life. The sights and sounds affected everyone in ways that sometimes cannot be told.

I have talked to guys that were there that do not like discussing details, others are more than willing to discuss their experiences. I guess the thing to remember is that everyone’s time in Vietnam was personal. We were all very young and saw and did things that people cannot understand. We came home to a country that was opposed to what we were doing there and we just tried to “fit in” again. We all just wanted to get “normal” again. Some of us did…and some of us did not.

However ALL of us will never forget! As hard as we try, we will never forget! The details happened long ago and names and places escape us. My memory has been jogged about a lot of things that took place.  Even the guys that I was with have different stories.

As you read our stories about Vietnam, remember one thing. The guy on our left and the guy on our right would have given their lives for us and we would have done the same for them. It was the only way we could survive. Perhaps this is reason Vietnam Vets have such strong feelings about their experience and for each other.


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