Bud Roach

I was a Medic with C/1/22 from September 1967 until mid April 1968 (just days before Chu Moor).  When Medic Charlie Shyab was wounded on Chu Moor I went back to the company until it was pulled off the mountain (4/28/68).

I served the remainder of my tour as a Medic at the Battalion Aid Station at the firebase.

When C Company marched it was Platoon Leader, RTO, Medic followed by the M-60 crew with riflemen in front and behind.  Sometimes an FO and his RTO would be with us.

2 thoughts on “Bud Roach

  1. Tom Boring Combat Engineer attached to Charlie Company, 1/22nd,4th Infantry Div. 6/22/67 to 7/7/68. Read your whole excellent narrative. Thank You!! One incident I must relate: We had built fire bases on either side of the Kontum River. One morning my best friend, Pat Young, and I were called to blow American duds in a compound (run by German nurses??) which served orphans, the elderly, etc. While there the recon squad sent out earlier was ambushed. We could hear it and immediately jumped on the tank that brought us to go and help out. Told them to stay off the road as we hadn’t swept it yet. Soon came under fire. Most jumped off including a Black Lt. and one wounded. Hid a while in a culvert expecting to be overrun but decided to join the main group at a ridge about a 100 yards away. We were being mortared and the tank commander told us to fire at the flash. He fired two rounds. No more mortar. Sgt. Mixon:”All able-bodied infantrymen on line!” A machine gunner jumped back with a huge grin on his face:”Too hot out there!” A make-shift aid station was set up. Dead and wounded were brought out. At my feet was a man with his left arm blown off at the shoulder and the bottom half of his left leg hanging on by some skin. When we put him on the chopper all I carried was his left calf and foot. Were you that medic who tended that man!? It would amaze me. I have slides taken before, during and after that day. I believe the Company Commander at the time was a Cpt. Brown. Best Wishes to you!!!!!


  2. Tom, that sounds like the wounds suffered by James Stover. If so, yes, I and Charlie Shyab treated him. We were pinned down by a machine gun for what seemed like hours. A tank was brought up to get us out of the ambush. I have been trying to save Stover in my dreams for 48 years.


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