7 thoughts on “Photos R-Z

  1. My Dad, Joe Vona Jr., was in the 4th Infantry division, Charlie Co., and fought in the battle of Oasis. I have great photos to share. I have photo’s taken in Pleiku base from Aug 1966 and believe he served until 1968 or 1969.


    • my name is tim mcgrath i stumbled on a item dads vietnam album the mp in the picture are my friends i served with his unit col miller sgt ma j tracy. we started in quinam. set up camp 10 miles so of pleiku. ,oasis, kontom, dak to it was nice to see is joe ok.


  2. I was with 1st of 8th c co
    We were called bullets 1966 our co was lt triage we arrived in Viet name on my 18 birthday Sept. 2 1966 in tui wah we then made camp in pleiku and were in the central highlands. I have since then seen two of my commrads Al Salinas and asgt Medic who was working in lacy wash.


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