Combat Assault

What is a Combat Assault?

A Combat Assault is generally defined as a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces.  A combat assault is also a concerted effort to reach a goal or defeat an adversary.  Combat assaults during Vietnam were generally made by helicopter since it was the most expedient way of moving troops from one location to another.

I do not recall how many Combat Assaults we had – – probabaly more than 25-50.  It was sometimes exciting but always made us very nervous since we never knew if it would be a ‘hot’ landing zone (LZ).  A hot LZ was one where we landed under fire.

Here are some pictures so you can have some idea of what it was like.

2 thoughts on “Combat Assault

  1. Cpt. Kleese got up on a large rock and gave a pep talk. Three choppers at a time, some firing rockets and machine- gun fire into the landing zone. After re-grouping, some of us went to the right of a ridge, some left. We climbed it as blockers. And took a break! We could hear Kleese announce he was chasing an unknown number of NVA. Three NVA ran right into us – one shot in head, one ran and one captured. He had a B-40. Someone put the end of an M-16 in his ear to get him to disarm it. He kept twisting it ’til the fins unraveled. I have photos of this guy. Best to all. 10/22/19


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