TAPS and Amazing Grace


Echo Taps

Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace Played on Pan Flute

David Döring plays “Amazing Grace” on his pan flute, in a setting that will take your breath away. The harmonious sounds of his instrument combined with the stunning views, makes for a most memorable video!

The musician sits with his wooden pan flute on a mountaintop in Bergen. When he begins to play “Amazing Grace,” it is absolutely spell-bounding. While it’s not a common instrument in our region – it fits the song so well, it’s surprising that we don’t hear it more often. Along with David’s pan flute, there are also several other instruments added into the background. Together, they create sounds that can only be described as heavenly.

Another element that makes the video so incredible, is the scenery in the background. David is surrounded by majestic mountains, blue skies, and other scenes of natural beauty. It truly looks like he is in a story-book… This rendition of “Amazing Grace” is one that is so unique, yet so perfect, you surely won’t forget it!

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