Mike Flannery

To our Buddy Mike Flannery

KIA 11/17/1967 – Ban (Buon) Blech – Darlac Province

4 thoughts on “Mike Flannery

    • I would like to say Thank You again so much for all the info you have supplies our family regarding Michael. It was so helpful to see his pictures and to see that like us he has not been forgotten. His Mother Peg my sister is so pleased that we were contacted by someone (she don’t remember who), but they directed us to this web site. This has help her put a closure to the pain she has been enduring for all these years.

      I was just a little kid at their house when the Commander and Priest came and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the pain my sister and her family went thru but I didn’t understand since I was young. I remember when my Nephew Mike use to pick on me and tease me because I was his Aunt and I was many years younger than him. The memories can go on and on. But I really remember his death. But with your website I remember his life, and looking at all the pictures and videos of VN helped me realize what really when on there. I am so proud of Mike and all the other Military personal who live and died for our country.

      God Bless you


  1. Thank you to All of you, I’m a cousin of Mikes , I was born in 1964, I have a few Photos with him, But seeing the Man he was I’m very sorry we didn’t get a chance to know each other better.Thank you From Our Family. And Thank You, For truely making this the land of The Free and The Brave.


  2. Thank you so much. I too am Mike’s cousin and I too wish I had known him better. I was only 6 years old when he died so my memories of him are few. When I was 7, we moved to a dairy near Mike’s hometown and I can vividly recall the pain his passing caused my Uncle Mike and Aunt Peg. I believe he also had a brother that served and later died in a commercial airplane crash. Coming from a small family that is becoming smaller as the years go by, I am grateful to have found this site and to see my cousin. His service makes me proud to call him family and I commend the sacrifices he and all of our vets have given for our country.


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