Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Executive Administrator of the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition Campaign recently wrote to us:

I am the executive administrator of the Audie Murphy Presidential Medal of Freedom Petition Campaign. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is our nation’s highest civilian honor. The nomination will not be based upon Murphy’s heroism in WWII or his Hollywood career, but rather for his work as an advocate for veterans issues and his bringing to the forefront of American society the issue of PTSD.

The petition has been hand signed by more than 100 general officers representing every branch of the Armed Forces over the past seven decades.
In addition it has been endorsed by two-thirds of the living seventy-seven Medal of Honor recipients, and more than two-thirds of the Army retired four-star generals.

Here is a YouTube video of the campaign that shows through slide show all of the many ‘distinguished’ Americans who have signed the petition and also provides information on how you can sign the petition as well electronically.

The embedded version has been disabled by YouTube. You will need to click on the ‘Watch on YouTube’ message to see the video.



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