Here are some interesting videos in and around Pleiku and Kontum.

Operation MacArthur, 4th Infantry Division, Dak To, 1967, Vietnam War

This video contains scenes shot by Army Combat Cameramen in 1967 of the 4th Infantry Division during the battle for Dak To.

Scenes of Kontum Today

Filmed on a trip in and around Kontum in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, driving up Highway 14.

Story of the 4th Infantry in Viet Nam

This is a video about the history of the 4th Infantry Division and their work in Viet Nam.

4th Infantry Division Pleiku Vietnam

A soldier’s tour of duty.

4th Infantry Division Search & Destroy Vietnam War

A search and destroy mission in the Central Highlands.

Camp Enari A.O. Vietnam War home movies Pleiku

A soldier’s home movies, no sound

Camp Enari: 4th Infantry Division Dragon Mountain

Dedication of Camp Enari

Rare Video Footage

Home video in and around Camp Enari and Pleiku