WWII Airplanes on Iwo Jima

*51s On Iwo Jima (These are incredible pictures!!)

Note the many B-29’s as well…

It is worth reading the following before you go to the pictures.

  • Don’t use auto run, or click on Slideshow, take your time and scroll thru each pic.
  • Just put your pointer on the picture to get the dropdown info.
  • Click on the picture to see in full size.

Some WWII Iwo Jima photos not normally found in today’s “quick” history updates.

A tiny Island, apparently some amazing crosswinds and quite possibly the volcanic grit did not make the best surface for runway operations.

Here are some of the best WWII pictures I have seen.

Don’t know where they came from.


Thanks to Charlie for the link.  Hoorah

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