Battle of Chu Moor

We Need Your Help

If you are a Vietnam Veteran and participated in the Battle of Chu Moor with the 4th Infantry Division during April 1968 – we need your help.

A book was started during 2008 to document this battle and was not completed or published.  We received the original draft a few weeks ago and will be completing the book.  We need more information and pictures to present the best documentation possible.

If you have some pictures of this battle and could write a few paragraphs and the dates of your experience we would sincerely appreciate it. Please forward any pictures and your written experiences to our webmaster so we can include your information in the book.

Thank you so much.

One thought on “Battle of Chu Moor

  1. My father served during this time and with this infantry, please email me if you still need submissions. Thank you, Nicole


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