China Involvement in the Vietnam War

China Involvement in the Vietnam War

Far before the Vietnam War started, China had ties with both Japan and Vietnam. When Vietnam was against war with France in the mid 1900’s, China helped them with military power and financial power. Hundreds of military equipment and weapons were provided by China. China has been known to help Korea as well in terms of warfare and politics. America and China had affiliations as well during the time of the Vietnam War, but none of it was related to the actual war that was taking place. China was shipping out tons of products to North America on a daily basis. Thousands of tons of food products would be shipped out from China each and every month. None of this was affected by the Vietnam War as people would have expected.

When Did Chinese Involvement in Vietnam Start?

The true involvement of China began in 1962 when they had promised to give the Government of Hanoi military rifles and guns. A total of ninety thousand rifles were sent out to Hanoi as a gift from China, and no money was expected in return. Along with the millions of dollars’ worth of small weaponry, China also sent out anti-aircraft weapons to North Vietnam, to fix the damages caused by chemical bombings from the American troops. China helped with rebuilding homes, roads, rail-tracks and other major building works. China hadn’t just stopped with weapons and machinery, but they had also given financial support to Vietnam in order to purchase weapons from other countries.

Evolution of Chinese Involvement in Vietnam

Russia and Germany both had advanced weapons and war vehicles, and Vietnam needed the money to purchase them. China helped out by giving money to the Vietnamese to purchase these war vehicles. In the five year period between 1965 and 1970, nearly three hundred and twenty thousand soldiers from China came to North Vietnam to fight in the Vietnam War. Many soldiers from China came into the war and left, but the highest point of Chinese military involvement was in 1967, when nearly two hundred thousand were serving in the Vietnam War. These soldiers were very well trained in China, as only one thousand were killed in the Vietnam. A recent memorial event took place in Vietnam in 2006 to honor the Chinese soldiers.

How Did Chinese Involvement Influence the Vietnam War?

Many people exclaim that it was China’s helpful hand that led to the victory of the North Vietnamese. Even though North Vietnam had the Viet Cong on their side, they were still lacking military power. When China came in, it boosted the military strength of the army, and it led to the South Vietnamese surrendering. Vietnam and Chinese interactions were seen in World War 1 as well, but they weren’t as strong as they were in 1971. Today, the two countries work together on many different scales to create some of the world’s leading export services.


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