Walking Point: Vietnam Scout Dogs

“Walking Point” is a proposed one-hour documentary that tells the emotional story of six Vietnam War veterans as they relive their dramatic and dangerous tour of duty leading infantry troops on special missions. 

Over 4000 dogs served in the Vietnam War — the largest concentrated effort toward the use of canine teams in U.S. combat history. These highly trained German Shepherds served as the eyes and ears of the infantry. The scout dogs and their handlers had one of the most dangerous jobs in Vietnam. They walked point — ahead of infantry troops. Their job was to detect dangers such as trip wires, mines, snipers and enemy troops.

Nearly 40 years after the Vietnam War, six veterans who served in the 42nd Infantry Platoon Scout Dog with the 101st Airborne Division have reunited to talk about their experiences and the extraordinary bonds held with their K9s — some of them are sharing these stories for the first time.