2 thoughts on “In the field, 1968

  1. My name is Charles Roehm and I took Basic and AIT at Fort Polk between July 21, 1971 to November 25, 1971. My unit was Company C, 2nd Bn 3rd AIT Bde. If you were in that unit during that time, please tell me who you are and where did you go after AIT. I belonged to the 108th Field Artillery PAANG in Columbia from April 11th 1971 to April 10th 1977. I also belonged to the 3622 HEM Maintenance Company PAANG in Lancaster PA from April 11th 1977 to May 31, 1992.I hope you did not suffer during your service because I was lucky and have a normal life. I currently take veterans to their appointments at the VA hospital in Lebanon, PA. God Bless You.


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