Vietnam 1966-1967

This short nonprofit, zero budget, home video was originally filmed by an infantryman in the 7th Cavalry Regiment (Garry Owen), Vietnam in 1966-67. During off-action he used a consumer grade Super 8 film point-and-shoot camera, handheld. The footage has been poorly stored for 50 years and recently digitized. It is low resolution, dirty and shaky. There are also some stills of members of Charlie Company, 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) included. There is no blood and guts, nor any political statements. It’s mostly aircraft, artillery, some Sky Trooper at work, and dialog via title/text. But for those who were there, it’s not a movie or reenactment, it is real footage taken in Vietnam. I appreciate all those who made this humble home movie possible.


One thought on “Vietnam 1966-1967

  1. In February of 1972, I remember bitching about having to carry so much C-4 on a 14 day mission 5 clicks west of hill 350 south of Danang. On our last day of that mission, I stepped on a “toe popper” that took me off my feet and threw me into some brush. If it weren’t for all the C-4 that we carried on that particular mission, we never would have had enough to blow an LZ big enough for the medivac to get in and lift me out. The pilots were unbelievable. I clearly remember the chopper blades hitting the tips of the trees and showered us guys with shredded leaves. I owe my life to all of those things that seem so far away to me as I write this. My hats off to the pilots and my buddies that did all of this and much more that allowed me to make it back to the world.


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