One thought on “Drill Sergeant 1965 US Army

  1. B5 Road Runners “Beep-Beep-Chow-Chow”. Fort Campbell Kentucky, March 1971. Drill Sgt. Johnson. I was low crawled, slapped, kicked, called everything that I can’t post on here. Went to Folk Polk and received another dose of ignorance and drunkenness during Tiger Land training. Finished as a PFC and went to Vietnam. Served with the Americal Division for a year. More drunkenness and Heroin addicts but I manage to survive. Received my E-5 tank, C.I.B. and Purple Heart and went home. Lost three close buddies and almost lost my sanity. Went to college afterward an completed a BA in Psychology and later a Masters in Social Work. Worked as Probation/Parole officer for the State of Wisconsin for 20 years and retired. To this day, I can not watch this drill sergeant training crap because it didn’t accomplish anything worth a nickel. Sure as hell didn’t help me survive Vietnam or make me proud of what I had to do. I’m still as mad as hell about the way I was treated. This forum is not designed for bitching, and I love my fellow warriors, but I can’t overcome the hatred I have for our drill instructors. Basically they were the misfits of society who would have starved to death on the streets or drank themselves to death. Bear with me guys, I ‘m just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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