4 thoughts on “C-Rations

  1. I can remember some items from all three units such as fruit from B-1, pound cake from B-2, and white bread from B-3. I don’t remember several items. I usually mixed items to make it edible. My favorite was ham and cheese sandwich. Toasted white bread with ham and cheese spread.


  2. I used to save the pound cake from one and the pears from another to eat them together. Then there was the famous Doctor Seuss green eggs and ham. Then there was the one nobody likes, the fruit cake. I do not smoke so I can trade the small cigarette pack of three or four cigarettes. I have also eaten the new Meals Rejected by Ethiopians. Once in a while we run across a really old case of C Rats. They taste just fine.


  3. In 1963, riding a motorscooter from Vientiane, Laos to Singapore, I stopped to look over the road work which a US military unit was doing near Udorn, Thailand. The crew was having lunch, and shared some C rations with me, which was much appreciated. I still carry on my key ring the little folding can opener which was provided.


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