Echo Taps

Our Master of Ceremonies for Flames of Remembrance, Bud Roach, does a fantastic job.

He has done this for the past four years and each year is better than the previous.  This year was spectacular.  It was held at VFW Post 76 in San Antonio Texas.  The VFW provided us with a lunch, posting of the colors, singing of the national anthem prior to our ceremony.

This year we lit candles for 55 casualties of Charlie Company between 1966 through 1970.  Special candles were lit for Ann Konermann, and our deceased brothers who made it home from Vietnam.

After the ceremony, the Post 76 Honor Guard gave a 21 gun salute to honor our brothers.

21 Gun Salute for our fallen comrades

Then there was the playing of Echo Taps by the “Taps For Vets”, a not for profit organization.

Playing of Echo Taps

The following email was recently received:

Dear Bud Roach,

“Taps For Vets”  organization and myself would like to thank you for your generous donation of $150.00 to our organization.   It is because of people like you that keeps us going and moving in the right direction.   Since we are not for profit, we have to buy our own uniforms, shirts, gloves, shoes and any other necessary items for us to continue doing our services.   We will use this money to provide us with necessary equipment for our organization.   Again, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   I hope that everything was to your satisfaction.


Taps For Vets/Bugler Services; Sgt. Ray Gutierrez- U.S. Army Veteran/ Bugler; “Veterans Honoring Veterans”

Thanks again, Bud, you are a good man.

Hand Salute

2 thoughts on “Echo Taps

  1. From what I understand the 22nd Infantry is no longer part of the 4th ID, or is just the 1st Batallion that isn’t.


    • As far as we know, 1/22 is still part of the 4th Infantry Divison. If you have a written citation that it is not, please send it to us in an email. Robert, we look forward to you attending our reunion in Tulsa, OK in June 2013. There are many troops from the years that you served.


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