One thought on “The Legacy of Heart Mountain-Dachau Liberation

  1. I watched ‘The Legacy of Heart Mountain’ this morning. It caused me to think about my years in the service/Vietnam. In the 1950s growing up on a rural north Texas farm I was aware of the history of World War II and Korea because it was current events at that time. I did not picture in my mind at that time an oriental, black, or any minority in uniform…only American. When I volunteered for the draft in 1966 I had no idea the “collateral” change that would take place in my thinking……in my outlook on people. Fifty years after my military obligation was completed. I am friends with Americans from almost every state because the army put us shoulder to shoulder and made it necessary to trust each other in order to survive. When we old gray haired veterans meet our regional differences disappear and we celebrate our unique friendship.


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