Will Lucas presents “Three Draftees” – From Basic To Vietnam: a short documentary (runtime 14:59) featuring interviews, period images, and letters home. It is an accurate account of the adventures of three young men who served in the military together in the 1960’s. Joey Pappone and John Patella were 20 and reported for induction in New York. Will Lucas, from the Washington D.C. suburbs, was 19 and inducted at Ft. Holabird, Maryland. That same day, they met on a train headed to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. They trained together from the beginning: ultimately serving in Plieku and Dau Tieng, Vietnam through July 1967. Images from the personal files of Ken Holt, Will Lucas, Mike Neidlinger, Joey Pappone, John Patella, and The Feds. All letters originals from Will Lucas. Special thanks to Jerry Powell, who contributed his poetic ballad, Blue and Gray

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