One thought on “Special Forces LRRPs in Vietnam

  1. Sir,

    First thank you for forwarding the very impressive documentary film for the LRRP teams.

    I am attempting to document a mission I was involved with a LRRP team in RVN in 1968. It was rather unusual in that it involved a US Army birddog and a magic dragon gunship. I was the birddog pilot who, with our complement of radio gear, was able to establish contact with a team and dragon ship that had been compromised and needed the support of a dragon gunship to bring firepower on their location. The team and gunship were unable to make radio contact. I was able to communicate with both and was able to direct the gunship over their location. With that, the NVA broke off contact with the team. This was a night mission.

    I am wondering if there may be a source where I could review the LRRP teams missions.

    Thank you.

    CWO Gene Schiferl


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