Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information – Part 3

21.       What was a “beehive”?


The answer is: A type of ammunition round

Interesting Information:

The beehive was a type of ammunition used in tank shells, aerial rockets and artillery shells. The shells contained literally thousands of small tiny steel pointed projectiles. Helicopter gunship pilots called them “Nails”.


22.       What was Operation Game Warden?


The answer is: Interdiction of VC supplies in Mekong Delta area

Interesting Information:

Game Warden was a long term project, lasting 1965-1970. It goal was to disrupt VC use of the the network of streams and rivers in the Mekong Delta for military operations.


23.       Laos was divided into how many military regions?


The answer is: 5

Interesting Information:

Military region (MR): one was in the NW of the country; MR 2 was in the NE; MR 3 was in the upper panhandle; MR 4 was in the lower panhandle; MR 5 was an area around the capital of Vientiane.


24.       Who was tasked with capturing Ap Bia?


The answer is: 3/187th Airborne Infantry

Interesting Information:

Lieutenant-Colonel Honeycutt’s 3/187th were given Hill 937 (Ap Bia) as their objective. It turned out they had been given the toughest part of Operation Apache Snow. The 3/187th were also known by their nickname the ‘Rakkasans’.

25.       What was the name of the “trail” used by the Vietcong to transport supplies all over Vietnam?


The answer is: Ho Chi Minh

Interesting Information:

It was impossible for America to stop this network of supply lines as it ran to a large extent through neighboring countries, such as Laos, that America did not want to get involved with.


26.       Which American battle group engaged the NVA at the Ia Drang Valley in October of 1965?


The answer is: 1st Cavalry Division

The other incorrect choices for this question were: (a) 3rd Cavalry Division, (b) 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, (c) 7th Cavalry Division

Interesting Information:

This was the first time that Americans engaged the NVA.


27.       It is still the year 1962, and things seem more threatening in North Vietnam. The Viet Cong had begun attacking South Vietnam more often. John F. Kennedy had sent one man to examine the damage the Viet Cong had caused. Who was the man sent by Kennedy to evaluate the problems?


The answer is: Maxwell D. Taylor

Interesting Information:

Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor was sent to evaluate the economy and military issues. Taylor reported that the economy began to tumble down and that we needed more troops. By 1963, over 16,000 soldiers were sent to battle. This held up the attacks of the Viet Cong for a while, but then Ngo Dinh Diem prohibited the flying of the Buddhist flag which made the communists rebels begin to attack harder.



28.       The RAAF’s first contribution to the allied efforts was in 1964. Three planes were committed to transport and evacuation duties. Which plane first saw service?


The answer is: DHC4 Caribou

The other incorrect choices for this question were: (a) C47 Douglas, (b) DC2 Douglas, (c) C130 Hercules

Interesting Information:

At the end of August 1964, three more Caribous were sent to Vietnam, where the unit, working under USAF control, operated over the length and breadth of Vietnam, mostly in support of the US Special Forces.


29.       The Communist leaders of the VietMinh gladly accepted the challenge of fighting at Dien Bien Phu. Who was their field Commander-in-Chief?


The answer is: Vo Nguyen Giap

Interesting Information:

General Giap is commonly regarded as a master of strategy. Many analysts disagree, but it must be taken into account that Giap played a key role in the only war the U.S. has failed to win.

Ho Chi Minh was the political leader of the VietMinh and Giap’s only boss.

Ngo Dinh Diem, a Catholic, was elected president of South Vietnam once the French were gone, and was deposed and murdered in 1963.

Van Tien Dung was Giap’s succesor and led the final assault of the North Vietnamese Army on Saigon, which ended the war in 1975.


30.       The Victoria Cross is the highest Military Award (equivalent to the Medal of Honor) for an Australian soldier. How many Victoria Crosses were awarded during the Vietnam War?


The answer is: 4

Interesting Information:

The four VC winners were all members of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV), the most highly decorated Australian unit of the Vietnam War.


31.       In March of 1965 the first large U.S. combat units arrived in South Vietnam. In what area?


The answer is: Danang

Interesting Information:

Units of the Third Marine Division. Although there were quite a few American military personnel already there, this was the first large deployment of American forces at any one time in Vietnam.

32.      How many engines are on a B-52-B?


The answer is: 8

33.      What European colonial power had held Vietnam (or Indochina) since the late 1800’s?


The answer is: France


34.      How many Air Force EB-66B/C/E aircraft were lost from enemy action?


The answer is: 4

Interesting Information:

Lost to Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) and air-to-air combat.

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