Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information – Part 1

Vietnam War

1.      How many B-52 Stratofortresses lost during the Linebacker II Raids 18-29 December 1972?

The answer is: 15

Interesting Information:

Poor planning and poor micromanagement from Strategic Air Command (SAC) at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska brought about staggering losses of the large B-52D/G/H Stratofortress heavy bombers. As the air campaign continued the crews flying the missions began to express their dislike of the continued same poor tactics by SAC, especially while the tactical fighter bombers of Tactical Air Command (TAC) continually adjusted there tactics to keep North Vietnam off balance with different approaches to target, different altitude, and SAC flew the same, day in and day out.

2.           During the Vietnam war, US infantrymen had the MOS number 11B also called 11 Bravo. What did the average soldier call the ‘B’?


The answer is: bush

Interesting Information:

Almost every soldier who was 11B was headed to the ‘Nam. Soldiers called themselves “11 bush”. Hello Vietnam’!

3.         What South Vietnamese decoration was issued to almost all US soldiers in Vietnam?


The answer is: Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm

Interesting Information:

The Gallantry Cross Unit Citation was extensively awarded to foreign troops by the government of the RVN. By 1974 it was decided to award it retroactively to any American Army unit involved in the Vietnam Conflict between 1961 and 1974, and therefore the soldiers.

4.            Well, there’s just no place to start like the beginning. When did Viet Nam first break away from China to begin its tenuous venture as an independent country?


The answer is: 938

Interesting Information:

Vietnam had gained self-rule by A.D. 938, but it had not obtained independence at that time. Several dynasties and hundreds of years later, the French were destined to enter the region, as they looked for rubber plantations to support their country’s modernization.

By that time, Vietnamese “infighting” had become a notorious and integral part of that country’s self-identity, if not their national pastime.

5.         Who commanded the 9th Marine Forces that landed on the beaches of Vietnam in 1965?

The answer is: General Frederick Karch

Interesting Information:

**General Nathan Twining was in the airforce. From 1953 until 1957 he was the Chief of Staff for the US Airforce

**Harkins was the first commander of MAC-V, he was eventually replaced by General Westmoreland.

**General Frederick Karch stepped ashore with the Marines on 8 March 1965. Instead of being greeted by gunfire and explosions they were greeted with flowers, banners and smiling people. Karch was photographed looking very unhappy with a garland of flowers draped around his neck. He stated that the photograph was the source of a lot of trouble for him and people would ask why he was not smiling. In response he was quoted as saying “If I had to do it over, that picture would have been the same. When you have a son in Vietnam and he gets killed, you don’t want a smiling general with flowers around his neck as leader at that point.”

6.         Agent Orange was the herbicide used to defoliate areas within Vietnam to reduce the ability of guerrilla units to conduct ambushes and hide in base camps. How did Agent Orange get its name?

The answer is: It was the color of the band around the shipping drums

Interesting Information:

The defoliation program lasted from 1962 to 1969 in Vietnam and over 46 percent of the forests were sprayed with Agent Orange. There have been links to Agent Orange and illnesses suffered by Vietnam Veterans and their children


7.         What was Operation Lam Son 719/Dewey Canyon Two (II)?

The answer is: Invasion of Laos by South Vietnamese forces

Interesting Information:

Lam Son 719 was the invasion of Laos by ARVN troops in 1971. As a test of ‘Vietnamization”, the operation was conducted without American advisors. The Dewey Canyon part was conducted by American troops to keep supply lines open to the Lao border. The 719 came from the year of the operation, 1971, and the area were it took place, Highway 9.

8.         He was the last emperor/king of Vietnam?

The answer is: Bao Dai

Interesting Information:

Bao Dai became emperor in 1928, but the French wouldn’t let him return until 1932, but he was restricted in his power. During WW II he cooperated with the Japanese, who encouraged him to declare independence in 1945. After the 1964 Geneva Accords he appointed Diem to be premier. In a Diem controlled election, Diem was voted in as president. Bao Dai retuned to France and died in 1997.

Diem was president until he was assasinated in 1963. Ky was premier and Thieu was president in the late sixties and early seventies.

9.         In which direction from Vietnam is Laos?


The answer is: West

Interesting Information:

Laos is a landlocked country to the west of Vietnam. Together with Cambodia and Vietnam, it was part of French Indochina till 1949-54.

10.       In which valley would you find Ap Bia?


The answer is: A Shau

Interesting Information:

During 1968’s Tet Offensive the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) had staged an entire Division and also VC (Viet Cong) forces in the A Shau. In part, the valley was used as the springboard for the attacks on Hue and Da Nang. During the fierce fighting for Hue the NVA lost over 5,000 men.

To be continued…


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