Inappropriate Behaviour and Punishment in the Nam

I just read this and wanted to share it with you…

CherriesWriter - Vietnam War website

Here’s another guest article by TJ McGinley “Free Bird”, who gives us a look at his rebellious side while serving in Vietnam.  As an infantry soldier who spent most of his time living in the jungle, periodic stand-downs in a base camp were cherished and offered an outlet for these grunts to rest and blow off steam.  Keep in mind that they are still teenagers and do what boys do every chance they can – but sometimes, they get caught.


In August of 2003, my wife and I attended a reunion of the guys I was with in Vietnam.  Suzanne was a little stunned at the number of people that confronted me with the statement; “I remember you, I was in jail with you.” To her, it sounded as if I spent most, if not all, of my time in Vietnam in a jail cell.

The way the military handled soldiers…

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