The Fortunate Few

Galen Beery writes:

I have followed your blog for several years now. I worked in rural development and aid to Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese and Chinese refugees during ten years in Laos with a group known as International Voluntary Services, and with USAID, I directed a resettlement office in Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, then set up and directed the American interviewing office in Malaysia for the “Boat People.”

At one time IVS/Viet-Nam constituted the largest non-governmental program there, and IVS’ers were all over Laos near the front lines. A recent book, the “Fortunate Few” is about the history of IVS None carried guns, and a dozen lost their lives to VC, PL, and plane crashes. Several spent years as prisoners in the ‘Hanoi Hilton.’ Charlie Company supporters would probably be interested in this work, which presents a civilian side of the conflicts. Most of us have good memories: some of us have bad dreams.

Here’s a review:

Galen Beery La Verne, California

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