22nd Infantry Regimental Crest




The regimental crest is very symbolic in nature.

  • The white represents the color of the old infantry, the past.
  • The blue represents the color of the new infantry, the present.
  • The embattled partition line, across the center, is for the five wars in which the regiment has taken part.
  • The crossed arrows represent the 5 Indian Campaigns the regiment participated in.
  • The “Sun in splendor” is the Old Katipunan Device from the Philippine Insurrection.
  • The shape of the crest is for the War with Spain, being the badge of the V Corps, to commemorate the 22nd Regiment being the first unit to land on Cuban soil in that war.

“Deeds not words”

  • The motto mirrors the Regimental history of doing what is right and getting the job done, regardless of the price. The Regiment has always been steadfast, loyal, and dependable. The official motto was approved in 1923, along with the Regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia.

Notable members

  • Ernest Hemingway was with the 22nd Infantry Regiment during World War II when the unit saw action from Paris through Belgium and into Germany.
  • Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. (18 July 1886 – 18 June 1945) was an American Lieutenant General during World War II. He commanded the 22nd Infantry Regiment in 1938. He was killed during the closing days of theThe Battle of Okinawa by enemy artillery fire, making him the highest-ranking U.S. military officer to have been killed by enemy fire during World War II.

Thanks to Charlie Hooah


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