One thought on “The Truth about the Vietnam War

  1. Your topic sentence is NOT what the body of this video by this Pepperdine University professor (read by a professor with the same political background of fellow professors such as: Kenneth Starr and Arthur Laffer) said. We all know what happened in the latter days of the Republic of Vietnam. But you stated “The Truth About the Vietnam War”, which to me would relate to HOW we got there in the first place. Well realize that it was a corporate war, to secure the drilling rights to the the Vietnam section of the South China Sea’s Oil Basin. Today, the extended Cam Ranh coast is lousy with off shore rigs, from all the major players. If we had won, the U.S. would have gotten better prices on Vietnamese oil.
    Steve Schlah 71Q20 Public Info. Specialist 1968 and privy to extensive “recon” info.


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