Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Troy N.Y.

On the east bank of the Hudson River, in the City of Troy, New York, stands one of America’s finest tributes to the men and women who fought, and died in the Vietnam War. The Rensselaer County Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, dedicated in 1991, after nearly five years of private planning and fund raising activities, stands in Troy’s Riverfront Park.

This beautifully designed and constructed memorial consists of three main elements;

1. a wall, in the form of a sandbagged bunker, on which are listed the names of Rensselaer County’s 45 sons who gave their lives in service to their country.

Their epithaph reads;

“We shall be remembered: As children we played, as men we fought, as brothers we will always be together.”

2. a ten foot tall, bronze statue of three American combat servicemen: their uniforms, equipment, and weapons, representing all branches of service, and covering the complete timespan of the Vietnam War.

3. an anchor chain of forty links, taken from a U.S Navy destroyer that served in Vietnam: each link paid for by a $1,000 donation, given by a member of the “Forty Link Club”, and dedicated to a particular person, place, or event in the war.

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One thought on “Vietnam Veterans Memorial – Troy N.Y.

  1. As a retired infantrymen who served and was wounded in Vietnam I was totally offended by this non Memorial .Although it could be one of the most beautiful I have seen , it is offensive to those that gave their lives for a cause there country sent them on.
    There is no honor to a soldier who loses his life if no respect is shown for the reason. A lot of soldiers did not choose to be in Vietnam but were there to serve America.
    With three little words ( not the war ) you destroyed any feeling that this is a place of honor for those poor young men that lost there lives doing what their country asked.
    This is not a Memorial but a political statement. Trying to pass it self off using the honored dead.
    If this abomination is not removed ( not the war) long after we are gone that will be the historical significance of this piece of art not memorizing the young men who gave there lives. Very very sad !


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