AC-130 Gunship Combat Operations

It’s incredible to see a slow cargo aircraft become a devastation raining ground-attack aircraft.

There are various models outfitted with anything from gatling guns, howitzer cannons, and even missiles and bombs.

The gunship’s weaponry is mounted on the left side of the aircraft, and it performs a wide circular “pylon” turn around the target and can stay on station for an extended period of time.

Most people hate riding in a C-130 so much that they jump out of it, but that beats getting shot at by one any day.

One thought on “AC-130 Gunship Combat Operations

  1. Puff flew over C/1/22 one night in Kontum Tet 68. It was a DC-3. It was an impressive light show. I was concerned about how close it came. It did take care of the bad guys.


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