One thought on “Vietnam Veterans Traveling Memorial

  1. The exhibit was a chance to inform school groups. Three components (1) the main part was the 3417 dogtags of Texans killed in action in Vietnam. It was a very graphic display of the cost of war.
    (2) personal presentations by Vietnam veterans. Each group to view the display also heard the experiences of serving in Vietnam from actual veterans. (3) many veterans loaned military artifacts from the era. Uniforms, equipment, letters, weapons, helmets, art, newspaper articles, maps.

    Over 2000 viewed the presentation. Think about it, it’s been 40/50 years since we served. In the 60s when we served WWI was a similar memory. It is important that we, Vietnam Veterans, leave a legacy of how it really was. Proud I served. Proud I served as a medic. Proud I served with Charlie Company, first of the twenty second.


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