Bob Kasper

A friend of Charlie Company, Bob Kasper, was part of the ‘Dirty 30’ in Dak To writes:

Here’s a picture of myself somewhere between Jan’69 – Apr’69 before I was transferred to the 1st Air Cav. I flew to Nam on my birthday on 12Jan’69 (Happy birthday to me!) and listened to Joe Namath and the Jets win Super Bowl III. There is also  another picture as well that includes a friend (at the time) but I don’t remember his name.

One thought on “Bob Kasper

  1. This is John Bobb, many of you were involved in the battle for dak to, in nov. 67, prior to my arrival. after leaving C Co., I was the XO for E co. I was at Dak To when I left Country in March 1969. My CO and I were basically the base commanders, where there used to be a brigade HQ. There wasn’t much left there. What happened to this engineer unit shortly after me leaving, in my opinion is one of the most riveting stories to come out of Vietnam. They detail it on their website very well. Talk about higher up blunders. That engineer unit deserves all of our thanks, and prayers.


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