The Wall Song

The Wall Song is a tribute born out of the kindred creative spirits of poet Judy Gorman King and songwriters Mitch Townley and Brad Dunse. Mitch heard Judy present her poem, The Spirit Of The Wall, at a Nashville benefit for homeless veterans in March, 2008. She gave him permission to use the poem as the inspirational foundation for the song. Mitch invited his good friend, singer/songwriter Brad Dunse to collaborate with him and the project was underway. The Wall Song was recorded in Nashville in July, 2008 by artist J.P. Williams and produced by Chip Martin.

We pray that The Wall Song will honor our surviving and fallen heroes of the Vietnam War as well as any who have served in the Armed Forces.


One thought on “The Wall Song

  1. Hi I am Judy Gorman King the writer of the poem “The Spirit of The Wall” and co-writer of “The Wall” a song inspired by my poem to all of you who served THANK YOU and WELCOME HOME I am so glad that through this I have been able to reach so many of you I was one of the few that thanked people when you first came home but didn’t have a way to reach anyone except the ones from my area but with GOD’s blessing of allowing me this way of reaching you I now can


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