What did it mean to be drafted in the war at Vietnam?

It meant you were now in the US Army.

That was the easy part; going thru the process is what the men didn’t like: Shaved head, shaved facial hair, wake up 0300 hours every morning; housed with all males for 8 weeks with no privacy in the latrine, showers, or sleeping quarters.

Getting yelled at, one inch from your face, back in those days…physical punishment (a leather boot pushing your body into the earth; the “low crawl”), running to the rifle range with a heavy M14 rifle at port arms and a heavy steel helmet sitting atop your shaved head.

Absolutely NO entertainment whatsoever…no books, no radio, no phone calls (except after a specified time, and then only on a Sunday…maybe)…marching in formation WITH YOUR RIFLE every day to class; stacking your M14 rifle with the others prior to entering the class rooms as parade rest.

Stacking your rifle everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where YOU went your RIFLE went! You slept with your rifle (locked by a chain in the racks next to your bunk bed).

When it was all over, you graduated; then went for another 8 weeks for your MOS (your job-Military Occupational Specialty).

After that…RVN (Republic of South Vietnam).

4 thoughts on “What did it mean to be drafted in the war at Vietnam?

  1. When they opened the c ration box , you better be present as you had no choice of meal . Always , the last meal in the box was the ” ham and Lima beans .


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