Fallen Soldier Comes Home

Bud Roach writes:

The big city of Whitewright, Texas has a population of about 1,750.  Saturday the community will lay to rest a 20 year old soldier killed in Afghanistan.  

I did not know him but I taught/coached/was principal for his dad and uncle.  

It causes me to have a lonesome feeling as I think back to 67-68.  We didn’t know what happened at home when we lost a friend.  

Saturday the streets will be lined with flag waving residents from the entire area.  He will be honored with full military rites.  Army brass in their dress blues will be here.  I’m afraid we have forgotten that we still have soldiers  in harms way until it hits close to home like it has this week for Whitewright, Texas.

Today, May 7, 2014,  at about 1:00 p.m.  Whitewright’s fallen soldier returned home.  

Just before the procession arrived it began to rain a driving downpour.  There were people lining the highway waving flags.  

School was dismissed for the occasion so his classmates barely a year ago were there.  People were getting drenched but they did not leave.  

The procession was led by state troopers and police cars from all over the area.  They were followed by the Patriot Guard on their motorcycles (in the rain).  The hollow feeling is still there.  The young man was 20 years old.  He looked like he was 15.  

Then I think we were soldiers once and young.  He looked like me in 1966/67/68.




One thought on “Fallen Soldier Comes Home

  1. This was a touching write up, your words ring true. In the PGR, I was riding past you and all of the people lining the streets today, it was so overwhelming to see everyone there – standing in the rain with their flags – so many flags. It is a feeling hard to explain, it just grabs your heart, you hold onto the bike a little tighter and try to hold back the tears, you feel pride in our country and the patriotic people out in the rain supporting this young man and his family. Thank you Sir, for your service and for sharing your thoughts today.


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