1/22 Deactivation

1st Battalion 22nd Infantry at Fort Carson was de-activated on March 17, 2014 with the Casing of the Colors.

2nd Battalion 22nd Infantry will remain with the 10th MTN DIV at Fort Drum.

The Regimental Colors will be transferred to Fort Drum.

Pictures of deactivation and the Casing of the Colors are below:

Thanks to our buddy Curt Fletcher for the pictures.  HooRah

2 thoughts on “1/22 Deactivation

  1. Became a member of Charlie Company 1st 22nd Inf Bn (Regulars By God) on the earlier part 0f 1966. The Brigade was just forming up in Ft. Lewis, Wash and we were known as the battle group. It consisted of three Inf battlions, (1/8 Inf Bn; 1/12 Inf Bn; 1/22 Inf Bn). We completed our basic and infantry training on June 1966. On that same month we loaded up on a troop movement ship and departed out of Tacoma, Washington. On July 1966 we landed on the most southern part of Vietnam and started our move towards the northern part, (Plieku, Vietnam. It was an open area with no defensive positions, so we dug-in and started a search and destroy mission. By Oct 1966 we lost 1/4th of our original members. I was wounded and evaguated to Camron bay hospital, but chose to return to my original unit. In the earlier part of 1967 we were operating in Tuiwa, Vietnam went we came under heavy attack and lost Sp4 Collins. He was killed in an open field and we had to get his body back. No one wanted to go so I and Lt. Wolfgan went and got him. Ended up getting shot on the right hand but made it back. Did anyone out there remmenber this please contact me at j65esse@icloud.com (Lt. Wolfgan were are you!) Goodbye and thanks. Sgt Jesus Munoz


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