Charlie Helps Homeless Vets

Charlie writes:

Some of the men in my vet group belong to the VVA and asked me to join the organization in Aug.

Then I found out that they assist in the Winterhurst VA program at the DC VA Hospital where they help 500 Homeless Vets with everything from health issues to jobs and clothes.

We arrived at 7 am to set up the clothes rack with suits, pants, shirts and coats among other items. They have to go to 10 stations and have their card punched out so they can come to us as a final stop to load up on what they need.

2014 WinterHaven 006

I wore my Viet Vet hat and was the ‘sarge’ at the door to check their card for admission. We started at 7 AM and went to 2 when most of the clothes were taken. I got to meet all kinds of great guys who did all sorts of jobs in the military and they opened up and told me their stories.

We had Hospital security there as some had problems but there was real no problem. At @ 11 AM the VIP’s came through to glad hand /thank all the folks at the different station. When the Dept. of VA Affairs group came through with Shineski he thanked all of us that helped and I asked if I could get a photo he agreed and then as we chatted he noticed the 4th ID pin on my hat and mentioned that he had served with the 4th.

2014 WinterHaven 019

He then gave me his challenge coin that I sent/posted on my FB site along with the pictures. Made me feel blessed to aid my fellow soldiers as well as share my time to volunteer for their benefit. The crowd thinned out @2 so I left to return home at 3, pledging to return next year and on a regular basis.

2014 Shinseki challenge coin A002

I am sure some of the local VA hospitals have something similar in their area on a regular basis.

Glad to make Co. C proud.


A big HooRah for Charlie

2 thoughts on “Charlie Helps Homeless Vets

  1. It’s always good to hear of Brothers connecting. Thanks for sharing that. I recently Re-Uped to the VVA, now lifetime. Back in the ’80’s it slanted too far to the left, but that has changed over the years. Two of my Nam Vet friends do volunteer work at the local VA office. Actually they run the place, helping with claims, etc. It’s uplifting to have close friends from all branches of the military who served over there, plus several Inf Div’s represented. I was one of the lucky ones to be in the 1st Signal Brigade in Central Thailand. Thanks for serving. I’ve always been proud of my Brothers. My late brother-in-law ‘Sarge’ McLay was in the 9th. I’m a multiple myeloma cancer survivor. US Army 1966-’68.


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