Combat Medic Training During the Vietnam War

Combat Medic Training During the Vietnam War

Combat Medical Badge

Basic Training –  All soldiers received Basic Training together for 8 weeks, regardless of their future MOS (Military Operating Specialty).  The only exception was made for conscientious objectors who received their basic training at Fort Sam Houston for 6 weeks.

Advanced Individual Training – Fort Sam Houston, Texas –  10 weeks training for Combat Medic.  The training consisted of the following:

–        Basic health care and hygiene for self and others

–        We learned how to give shots (practiced on each other using saline)

–        Drawing blood (practiced on each other)

–        Starting IVs (practiced on each other)

        Use of Splints for broken bones

–        Treatment of gunshot wounds

–        Treatment for Amputations

–        Head wounds

–        Shock

–        Burns

–        Shoulder dislocations

–        C.P.R

–        Tracheotomy

–        VD

–        Seizures

–        Suturing (taught by a surgeon in Vietnam)

Field Training: in stretcher usage, correct procedures for moving and carrying patients, techniques for approaching and treating patients under combat situations, Setting up different types of tents, Air medevac (this training may have been completed in Vietnam)

Training films were heavily used during the training process.

Hospital Duty: Most of the training was geared toward combat situations, however some general medical training was included for hospital duty such as making beds, bed pans, setting up and giving catheters and enemas to patients. I am sure there were a lot of other topics.


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