We Call Them Heroes

Contrary to the hero’s welcome received by other veterans, the majority of men returning from Vietnam were barely given a handshake of appreciation…much less parades and accolades. Their training did not prepare them to gracefully blend back into civilian life afterward, especially if some cruelly perceive you to be a ‘baby killer.’

Thanks to Charlie for the link – HooRah

One thought on “We Call Them Heroes

  1. I feel all Viet Nam vets are heroes in my book , they did what their country asked of them. they did not run to Canada like a coward, this country can never make up the way the Viet vets were treated when they returned home. they were not asked their opinions about the war, they were just told their country needed them to go. .Viet Nam vets will always be heroes in my heart, . and for anyone to say differently is a fool.


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