Jane Fonda – Again?

Jane Fonda Learned ‘Empathy is Revolutionary’ From Vietnam Vets

Jane Fonda tells Oprah that thing she did in North Vietnam was an “unforgivable mistake” and talks about what she learned when she apologized to a  group of Vietnam Veterans in an episode of Oprah’s  Master Class. The clip surfaced because Oprah ran a followup  interview with Fonda on Sunday April 7th at 9pm on Oprah’s  Next Chapter.

For our readers born after 1980, Jane’s still apologizing for hanging out  with the enemy and a series of photographs that showed her having a grand old  time. No matter what she says, there are still a few folks who believe she  should be hanged as a traitor. One of our editors has a neighbor who refuses to  recognize the Atlanta Braves 1995 World Championship because Fonda was married  to team owner Ted Turner at the time and was photographed celebrating in the  owner’s box. It’s like that.

To read more or see the video.   CLICK HERE 

SOURCE: Military.com Under the Radar

One thought on “Jane Fonda – Again?

  1. While my comment will NOT be welcomed by many, to even most Vietnam Vets, nor will my credentials, I wanted to try to set the record straight about the hatred that many Viet Vets have against Jane Fonda. As a representative of Vietnam Veterans Against the War in November 1972, I, while we were at a dinner at Stanley Sheinbaum’s house, asked Ms. Fonda, why she was photographed on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. She told me that one reason she had gone to N. Vietnam was to try to negotiate the release of American POWs and would have done nearly anything to secure their release. But the tables were turned, as the N. Vietnamese used this opportunity to promote her anti-war activities and wouldn’t and didn’t secure the POWs release as they rescinded their promised offer of their release. This was corroborated by George Smith, also a former POW, who was also in attendance.


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