Hurricane Sandy

Received via email from our buddy Peter Gaworecki:



What has happened in the Northeast makes Katrina look minor league in cost. The local talking heads are predicting $500 Billion. Fortunately, with the help of FEMA, supplies and equipment were in place before the storm hit.

People evacuated as instructed which saved many lives. Many precautions were taken by all localities. Sandy overwhelmed the area and exceeded the predictions by  several feet. Though many are homeless and utilities are weeks away in many places, there is no Superdome situation here.

If you watched The Weather Channel before she hit, Jim Cantore showed on a light pole the expected high water mark at about 8 ft. up the pole. It went to 13 ft. That was Battery Park.

The lower quarter on Manhattan was under water. Staten Island, population mostly city workers fire and policemen was devastated. I think they need the most help.

There are several towns in NJ that were wiped out. The boardwalks and amusement parks are gone off the Jersey shore.

What is needed most immediately is blood, please donate.


Peter Gaworecki, DMOR
C/1/22 67-68

Click Here for storm pictures from WTOP

Click Here to Donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

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