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Welcome to Charlie Company website.  This site is dedicated to the fine men that served with Charlie Company 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam from 1966 to 1972.


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Hello from soggy California.  We’re finally getting much needed water & snow but way too much all at one time.

We have approximately six months and 10 days until the next Charlie Company Reunion, our 17th. As you know, it is in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Holiday Inn Airport.

We have had only eight reservations thus far and I really need to have a better idea of how many will be attending. I have reservations for Cox, Crawford, Nelson, Roach, Schiele, and Shyab as well as Jack & I.

The agenda is that we will have Wednesday, September 20th as our arrival meet & greet day. Thursday we will visit the Military Museum. It was requested that we break into two groups is we have a large crowd. So we will visit in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Friday we will have a tour of Fort Carson for 40 people (the funds were cut and so that’s the largest that they can accommodate with transportation) with reservations for Charlie Co vets first, other vets second, and lastly, if there is room, for any spaces spouses, family, or friends.

Saturday, we will have our banquet and remembrance ceremony. I am also working on a group dinner in a local restaurant maybe Thursday night and a possible local American Legion dinner on Friday night.

Each room is $129.00 out the door per night. It comes with a full breakfast (like eggs cooked the way you want). There is a free airport shuttle, free parking, a full bar and restaurant onsite.

Two queen beds, Standard king, or ADA accessible King bed are your choices.

My request is that if you think you might be able to attend the reunion please make a reservation now. We have a contract that allows people to reserve a room but cancel without penalty by August 19, 2023. So if it turns out you are unable to come to the reunion, you can

still back out with no charge. Your assistance would be gratefully appreciated to finalizing arrangements as to how many people might be attending.

Reservations can be made through Kristi Hensley, of Holiday Inn Airport by phone at

(719) 380-8516 x582 or email kristi.hensley@nhshotels.com with your credit card number and room reservation. Credit card will not be charged if you cancel by August 19th.

I am finally on the mend from my tumble and can finally walk around not looking like Quasimodo. Really looking forward to seeing all of you and creating some more memories with all of our Charlie Company family!

Much affection,