Reunion 2015 – Monterey, CA



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Here are more pics from our buddy Joel Boling

6 thoughts on “Reunion 2015 – Monterey, CA

  1. Chuffed that our pictures were good enough to be put on the Charlie Co. web site;well done, let us know if there is any feedback. Hope to meet you and your friends in Tampa!


  2. From John Bobb. I wasn’t feeling good, at the Tulsa Reunion, wasn’t feeling good at the Ft. Benning reunion, this year my wife and I helped a WWII medic that served with my dad in the 42nd inf. sell his house in Az. His health would no longer allow him to travel here from Oregon. We shipped some of his belongings to he and his wife. We rented a car to drive the rest of their stuff to them, in Oregon, so I could say good bye to him. Didn’t feel good there. Drove to NE ca. to visit daughter and grandchildren, felt worse there. Drove to Newhall, ca. for our granddaughter’s sixth grade promotion. Was staying in a campground in a cabin in N. L.A. county. Felt worse. Finally called for an ambulance. Some of Mr. Stokes finest from the fire dept. showed up, and tended to me until the ambulance got there. Had my gallbladder ripped out, and a hernia fixed that I didn’t know about. Went back to the cabin to recover. A few days later was driving to my surgeon to get permission to drive back to Az., got a flat tire, missed my dr. appt. while stranded on the side of the interstate. Rescued by triple A, got a new rental car, drove back to az., where my car battery was dead, the next day my central air shot craps. The next day had to have an electrician come and fix stuff. Went to my local dr., he isn,t happy, still going to doctors. Missed all of you. John PS, didn,t talk about the ants in the cabin due to drought.


  3. Hi im looking for any information on sgt Edward Michael Howell who served in this division in vietnam in there is anyone with stories, memories or photos of him thank you. We are looking for information for his daughter who was 3 at the time of his death and is now the grandmother to my children.


  4. Very much enjoyed the 2015 Reunion pics;thanks! Any such pics of our 2016 Colorado reunion pics available for posting?


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