2 thoughts on “OH-6A Loach

  1. As a retired Air Force senior master sergeant (1955-1977) and amateur historian, I am writing the history of the 6994th Security Squadron that flew EC-47 ARDF combat missions in SEA (1966-73). I am documenting the recovery of the shot down crew of EC-47 45-48402 on 22 April 1970 by Hueys and a Loach from the 101st Airborne Div and would be most appreciative if you would permit me to used the photo of the Loach helicopter on our homepage in my history. I will be publishing the book (Volume V of a 5-volume series) later this year, reference my website: http://www.larrytart.com.

    Thank you for your service and thank you in advance for considering my request.

    Larry Tart
    Sending from State College, PA
    Home phone: (814) 238-7067


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