Here are some interesting videos in and around Pleiku and Kontum – Once the video opens you may want to click on full screen.

Scenes of Kontum Today

– Filmed on a trip in and around Kontum in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, driving up Highway 14.

Story of the 4th Infantry in Viet Nam

– This is a video about the history of the 4th Infantry Division and their work in Viet Nam.

4th Infantry Division Pleiku Vietnam

– A soldier’s tour of duty.

4th Infantry Division Search & Destroy Vietnam War

– A search and destroy mission in the Central Highlands.

Camp Enari A.O. Vietnam War home movies Pleiku

– A soldier’s home movies, no sound

Camp Enari: 4th Infantry Division Dragon Mountain

– Dedication of Camp Enari

Rare Video Footage

- Home video in and around Camp Enari and Pleiku

Tour of Duty

- Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf with video clips from Tour of Duty